Local gyms are full of individuals struggling to work out on their own and despising every minute of their work out, while making little if any progress.  But there is good news -- Beyond Fitness offers an exciting alternative to this drudgery! Our goal is to make exercise fun and satisfying while also building friendships with other like-minded people. 

Regardless of your current fitness level and irrespective of whether you are a veteran of the fitness world or just beginning your fitness journey, this is the place for you.  Beyond Fitness offers much more than the typical, "run of the mill" exercise class.  Instead, we offer fun and fellowship while providing challenging yet rewarding exercise programs where you will receive personalized instruction and encouragement.  Think of it as personal training in a group setting. 

Beyond Fitness will not only help improve your cardiovascular conditioning but will also build strength and muscular endurance.

Our Monday classes focus on upper body exercises. Wednesday classes are dedicated to working the lower body. Friday and Saturday classes are normally focused on cardio and core movements but you never know what type of madness we might get into. Our classes include working with a variety of different equipment including kettlebells, TRX suspension bands, medicine balls, boxes, tires and resistance bands. 

All classes are one hour long. This includes warm up, the main workout, cool down and a short prayer time. Suggested items to bring with you to class are a sweat towel, water and possibly workout gloves. It is also wise to eat a small snack, for example a protein bar, prior to coming to class.

We want you to look forward to exercising while reaching your personal fitness goals. Beyond Fitness provide the unique opportunity to build comradery- sweating together, laughing together, challenging one another, holding one another accountable, and of course, celebrating achievements together. 

So, if you enjoy meeting new people and establishing new friendships combined with challenging and innovative workouts in a fun and friendly environment - then we can assure you that you will be in your element at Beyond Fitness.  

We cannot wait to meet you and look forward to helping you improve your fitness beyond your expectations.


Class times are as follows.

Monday: 5:00AM, 8:30AM, and 5:30PM

Wednesday: 5:00AM, 8:30AM, and 5:30PM

Friday: 5:00AM and 8:30AM

Saturday: 8:00AM

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