Boot Camp

  The "Boot Camp" style classes at Beyond Fitness will not only help improve your cardiovascular conditioning but will also build strength and muscular endurance.

Our Monday classes focus on upper body exercises. Wednesday classes our dedicated to working the lower body, also known as "leg day". Friday and Saturday classes are normally focused on cardio and core movements but you never know what type of madness we might get into. Boot camp classes include working with a variety of different equipment including kettlebells, TRX suspension bands, medicine balls, boxes, tires and resistance bands. Alle classes are one hour long. This includes warm up, main workout, cool down and a short prayer time. Suggested items to bring with you to a boot camp class would be a mat, sweat towel, water and possibly workout gloves. It is also wise to eat a small snack, for example a protein bar prior to coming to class.

The key to a successful fitness program is consistency and incorporating healthy habits, including diet and exercise, into your daily routine.  We believe if you continually mix up the workouts, keep them fresh and enjoyable while delivering desired results you will be more likely to stay committed for the long term.

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